When God elevates you ..’

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Anthony Everest

Macy Gray – First Interview 😍😍😍

5yrs ago, I said I would and I did write an award winning blog. Amen ..’ – #MercyfulGrace

From, working with Obama to MacyGray. I found my purpose and vission.

I write radical things because I have radical thoughts; and they come from radical perspectives.

Magazine Show /Dir Femi Amusan – First Black Tv Promo

If you value, yourself don’t spend it around those who don’t. Like #Jealous #Spirits and etc ..’


Wyen Solo – First Independent Artist / Colleague Interview #In14Ways

So grateful, β€˜Oh Gracious God’, for the numerous blessings taken for granted I didn’t deserve, but just because you simply love me unconditionally. You saved me.

Jake – Live & Studio Session Guitarist / Accompanist

Even in the face of adversity, unprovoked vicious uncanning jealousy, indescribable ignorance and spiritual wickedness.

Alexandra Burke – First UK Artiste Review 😍😍😍


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