Why #God is real and #Christianity isn’t – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Tell them ..’ – #In14Ways


Finally some else #woke agrees.

My new friend Crystal Tuckerwrote and I responded: ‘I don’t need the Pope to find God ..’ – #In14Ways

See my “Conversations With Gospel Mobo Award Winner Lurin Catofor more ..’

Why would anyone delete the book and testimonies of the one person who recieved the ‘Good News’ first, the confident of ‘Jesus’, his best friend, the one who started #Christianity – ‘Mary Magdalene’, (The Whore) from the #bible and say the bible is not about politics, power and control. Read John 20 : 11 – 18.

Why do you think Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and not the bible? Jesus read plenty bibles in his time too.

He also fufilled every law in the book by shedding is Holy blood as a Holy Sacrifice for ‘all of mankind’. 400 years on they still worship their oppressors and have not recieved…

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  1. Lovelyy blog you have here


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