The Evil Of #Mankind ..’ – #In14Ways #Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace

As a decendant of the Oyo Empire; it breaks my heart & spirit to uncover these facts ..’ – Aremuorin

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The evil of man knows no limits. Genesis 6:6 says it best when God said his heart was deeply troubled as he regreted creating humans.

God is real but these lying, greedy thieves personified it commercially for their empty wallet’s gratification for #slavery ..’ – #In14Ways

“I realised how vicious the black community can be after watching Aunt Viv’s testimony from Fresh Prince of Bel Air – on Hollyweird!

My mother told me as a Child. “Self first! Others last”. I always thought she was crazy.

Maybe she is not so crazy as I thought. Theres a truth to it.

Humans can be vile at the core. If they could they’d make you deny God for their wickedness to mankind.

I’ve seen animals and pets with more compassion and integrity than humans.

Just like I remember a great sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes

“People love you as long as you stay where they met you. But when you are ready to step into the next dimension, all hell breaks loose!” – TD Jakes

Fuckem !!!!!! ALL OF THEM !!!”

Joseph was not the first to be pawned off into slavery, attemptedly; by his own brothers out of jealousy / envy, and won’t be the last.

Got the memo !!! Now duely diligently processed !!!!!!! – #In14Ways


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“There is nothing above love”.

By Aremuorin

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