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Check this out: True Story. 7 years ago, today.

Walk into a cafe for tea. 3 Caucasians: 2 females and one male picked on my hat. I smiled and engaged back with polite answers to their questions.

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As they proceeded to deviate from a polite casual chat to condescending remarks about me and my hat.

Have You Thought About It

I closed the conversation off with – ‘Anyway its nice to meet you‘ ::

Then one of the girls finished her food and said to their waiter as her plate was been taken away that – ‘You can give the left overs to the Nigerian over there’. I was in disbelief?

So, I chose to pay no attention further or listen to them anymore. Still I am baffled – that someone would think that is remotely funny!

On Racisimm - Aremuoirn

She later walked passed me on her way to the ladies – pulling my hat off my head – saying ‘You should smile more’.

Wish you karma - Aremuorin

Then I firmly told her – ‘I think you are very rude and that’s why I’ve given you a silence treatment’.

She then turned around and said – Ah, that’s a shame for you, isn’t it.

By this time I called security – and I was rightly told – that they have been bared.

Well, I’m all calm – but what about world peace – hey?

Bullies - Aremuorin

Where did it all go …’

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