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Saw an interesting post by a page from a young black lady’s perspective on white supremacy by the name Neith Night ..’ So I responded:

Ok. L💕v💕 this post except a few holes in her theory. LGBTQIA black men can procreate if they choose just as much as straight folks can opt out of procreation if they choose.

The Eve gene is not news to some. So, enough of that mis-information. It makes this post appear incredulous – besides great job.

I admire her energy. Just wished she opened her mind a bit more. The gay agenda is not just about the black man.

The gay agenda is about luciferianism. Black people worship lucifer too. Married black men and women with kids are lgbtqia too.

They just live in the closet, on the downlow; busy cross infecting the community (world) with std’s, in denials. That is a huge-grave concern.

Black men and women are still practising slavery: selling their own kind for cash. Cogent undisputable facts!Black men are burning the state treasury after looting stimulant cheques donated to the poor by billionaires in their country.

Perspective, and dialogue is key with certain narratives. As an lgbtqia ally, I find some of her video remarks about the lgbtqia, offensive.

Now, love is not a doormat, but the highest vibration of all. God is love. I am not saying all white folks are angels, cuz I live racism too, but my black folks are no angels either.

First, folks like her need to stop fear mongering, and sterring division. She plays in to the narrative of a scary black man.


Let each person bring what they have💞. Positive Solution, not war. Mediation, not anarchy.

So, try and love, or pray that, out of

exisistence, first ..’ When we fix this, and self love – they will love us unreservedly; but you can not give what you do not have.

Stevie Wonder – “Only love can conquer hate”.

Watch her video I saw here.

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