Sacred Things – #In14Ways #Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces” Mathew – 7:6

They did not find me in the house of hate..’ They found me in the house of love. Twisted as the enemies ears sound ..’ #MercyfulGrace

If people don’t value you the first time, and the second time. Whats to say they would, the third, time? That’s pushing your luck – isn’t it! God have great mercy ..’ #RealTalk

Ignorance; I can understand and work with. Share, genuine stupidity, I can not condone, nor escuse ..’

Aremuorin in the stage role of “LaQuanda Said” as a “Female Impersonator”, to raise awareness on Female Domestic Abuse – for Charity.

You will realize many are not living their authentic lives. Yet, assume a delusional, self righteous act of God, over others; giving them their all. Underlined, computed and processed. Time for change ..’

Love is not what you say. Love is what do! You may smile and be beautiful like Jezebel or be the wildest trickstar like Deliliah. Your feelings arent the fact. Love is the truth. It is not a door mat.

If a black comedian in Africa does female impersonation, to go on stage, to cut a cheque, that’s funny; but when Aremuorin does the same, for ‘Charity’, to raise funds, or raise awareness on “Female Domestic Abuse”, in Africa and the rest of the world that rose by over 20% during lock down, it’s an out cry for abomination. Really?

I don’t get that part of that cognitive dissonance. Life isn’t always funny. So miss me with the rest of the eroneous narratives. I’m naturally, androgenous, aptly, more authentic than the latter whilst playing to my strengths, just like a pro athletic sports star takes to track and field, and not to brain surgery.

Education. Education Education. Ignorance is not going to save the day. Only love conquers hate. So let’s go. Mother nature knows best.

Deep !!!



Produced by Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer.

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