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Sam Lee spoke with Hyper Super nodes for about an hour. He  said he is under NDA but is in charge of the finances and technology. He released the money but is unsure of the reason why corporate did not distribute it to the membership.

He reaffirmed that he is working to restore the community by giving members fresh offers from new businesses without charging us because he feels morally corrupt but legally correct. What happened to our money is a secret, known by corporate. 

They claim that money vanished when Sam Lee’s technological masterpiece was compromised. However, a blog claims that Ryan Xu misappropriated the money and misappropriated it for private purpose.

Additionally, Ryan Xu’s is said to have abruptly gone out of business last year.

“My clients left me with thousands of dollars in their and my accounts. Due to poor administration and a lack of regulation, all of our hard-earned MLM funds from Hyper were lost on their exchange” – said one Hyper member.

Sam Lee was courageous to take the heat, admirably. Lets hope for a turn around. The tea seems suspiciously long. To me, they are only a group of criminals in parts.

I want to know which one of them is the lesser evil. I’m stunned. Corporate sounds like a mumble jumble code for Ryan Xu, Sam Lee and other silent partners.

Sam lee reverberated his lack of visibility to confirm if the 1x will be refunded or how much it is. He also said he does not know where the billions from membership are because of lack of his visibility.

An unverified site popped up promising refunds. Be careful, could be a new scam. Meanwhile a

Nigerian Brother with a large loyal community of hundreds of thousands came up with a solution – here. Plug in here.

Here is what Sam Lee had to say in a recent interview:

Sam Lee

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