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Dr Umar Johnson claims it’s not African to be gay ..’

This is utterly false and his opinion. I know gay Godfathers and gangsters in Africa who are black and married with grown up kids. Their wives know and protect them.

Some black people love the comforts and paradigms of a white lie. Mine are black and full of glorious and inglorious truths. Humans love denial.

It’s actually everywhere continentally. And #black kids are born #gay in Africa. How would he know. Is he? Does he have the stats other wise? Don’t use west as a crotch.

Some of my grand father’s friends were gay. In fact #paedophiles. How come? They never went to Europe.

There were gay black kings in Africa. Might not be popular but it exists. It’s like drug trafficking. The more you penalise it, it goes further underground. It exists. Act black & pious, or front as superior, as you like.

Africans who abuse and beat their wives are more satanic to me than homosexuals. This Dr needs to go out more and leave his naive ignorant prejudices at the door when he does ..’

Denial is for real and not just a river in #Africa ..’ This is a guy who was caught with a hoe outside his marriage lecturing us on morality and truths. Really – #In14ways

How does he know in an ever constant changing world what a 7yr old in Africa is into; in 2018? He does not practise his psychology on indigenous African children in their natural environment.

So how can he speak for them? His case studies are subsets of a wide varied demographic of blacks subjected to a different kind of conditioning in America.

Any kind of trauma could make anyone dysfunctional. Drugs and rock n roll & so forth, for example; could be a coping dysfunctional sign of trauma.

So why is the narrative always sexual abuse with the lgbt subjects. Could it be they were just born genetically unique? Life is not always black and white. Nature isn’t.

How does he explain hermaphrodites or babies born with two genitals of the same sex, disabled babies or siemise twins?

Dr Umar Johnson ranting on naively about the #Lgbtq+ reminds me of Charles Darwin and his evolution theory blunders.

He rambled on here

Update – 24 of July 2018

On reflection, I see Dr Johnson appears to have good intentions for the black community; but his labels and prejudice theories have to be re examined. I do not agrew with is polurical science. One thing, I have come to learn and unlearn. Evil is smart. It has no color, but greed, for the love of money, the root of all evil.

I always find it strangely odd, that, so called straight men, want to speak for the lgbt+ community without direct experience of living in the community, save only, vicarious stereotypes they conjure out of their ignorance, irrational fear, or perpetuated self hate. At best a few iffy subjective case studies.

It’s very stupid to associate all lgbt+ folks with paedophilia. Would that be right to say all straight folks are paedophiles even thou there are more straight paedophiles about?

It’s so – insentive. ignorant and outdated. It should be outlawed as inhumane.

This is why sexually, a variety of lgbt+ folks who find themselves not fitting into societal boxes (norms) go underground, soliciting sexual indiscretions; bringing std’s back to their spouses. Even worse – suicide.

So, tell me; what have you achieved in the final analysis?

My hope is for peace. Prayers for love. Sanctuaries of Grace. May it abound daily in our hearts. Amen !!!

May it extend, to those, and things, we don’t (yet) understand.

In between; you don’t speak for all the black community. You do not own it, nor do you have a monopoly on it save your views and opinions according to your ego’s perspective of your truth.

Some of Dr Umar Johnsons disciples still believe Jesus is white, praying to white Jesus daily for deliverance; for manner from heaven, while some of them also, still have sex out of wedlock like rabbits without a care in the world.

If you are born into a religion like Christianity that tells you (in the bible) to stone women on their wedding night if they are not virgins, where does that leave you with common sense?

Antiquated truths don’t jurisdict our higher truths anymore ..’

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By Aremuorin

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