‘Omari Hardwick’ – Black Super Heroes.

Why are black people only bothered about white fictitious xters ..’ Why not create your own like – #‎Ghost 

I speak as an independent black artiste, writer and producer who has a guilty pleasure for super heroes like Mr Bond & Jason Bourne; but – ‘Why are black people bothered about white fictitious xters ..’ 

Why not create your own like #Ghost (Power), #Obatala, #Shaft, #Orunmila, #Sango, #Oduduwa, #Fadeyi, #AinaEleyinoke, #Lamurudu, #Oshun, #Yemoja, #Orisabunmi and etc instead of western versions in James Bond – only. I feel a cultural gap here needs to be bridged. Hence why more franchises like Power and Empire are cults.

And these, are just a snap shot of West African’s fictitious heroes, from one tribe alone, in Nigeria. Imagine you combed out every, tribe, in every state, in every country, throughout the North, West, East and South of Africa’s RICH-  untold history. A plethora of them longing to unfold

I was looking in on my own reflection, whilst on the train in the window carriage today, and I realized how beautiful it was ..’ Then, I thought to myself, damm – how come – no one told me this ..’

We don’t have to tell it, or do it, like Hollywood – but tell it, never the less. These fictitious xters, I mentioned above – would p**s on James Bond’s grave, any day of they week. First of all – James Bond is just human too and not a squeaky clean positive role model.

Ghost is no Angel but he is a survivor. I am pretty sure many folks have had to at some point in their careers. From politicians to scandalous religious leaders. Besides, his xter is fictitious and exaggerated for entertainment.

Bond has no respect for women. Nor does his character give any credence to any deity, above himself or his ego, save his Majesty – The Queen. Okay, let me be kind – he has little, or no, respect for women. A serial womanizer. Our fictitious characters – acknowledge a ‘God’, and pay tribute to our culture, history and traditions, which is informative, inspiring and educational. They are supernatural and fearless prophetic oracles – with balance.

They are not self centered ego maniacs. They serve our peoples need, and are great timeless classics, traditional, folk stories. They give hope and inspiration too. Far better than made up bond, on paper, solely for commercial PROFITS. They have meaning, depth, truths and life and Have been for centuries.

They give CREDIT to civilization and have been orally told – for centuries through our forefathers. Our history is, and was, robbed off, us, by the system, like James Bond Brand’s. Ours is Great Art – just like the Greek methodologies.

Tragedy, drama, suspense, humor etc ..’ If not better! Seriously, ya’ll need this checked out and INVEST in your own. Buy into the black brand. I’m glad, I know more of my history. They can’t lie to me! They can try, but they won’t WIN. I’m too bright for that. There are Shakespeare’s to a penny, in Africa that you’ll probably never hear of. And, that’s a fact. We don’t need to play black versions of white super heroes. We have our own. It’s never too late. Do it!

When I say ‘They’ I mean anyone who likes to distort history for wicked agendas; on the furtherance of love, humanity and peace ..’

To be alive and not experience power would be a wasted existence. OMARI is strong in it and fifty cents scares the hell out of me in it 😶. 

Power was created by, I assume a straight black woman while Empire was created by a gay black man. 

My point is. The balance in #Power and narratives plus writings – can’t be touched when it comes to Power. 

I think the egos of #Empire finally caught up with it’s fantasy ..’

Something just works all the way through with #Power. It’s gold dust ..’ Am so excited for the cast and crew. 

And I wish I could deny it – but I can’t.

By Aremuorin 

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2017 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

All Rights Reserved

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