Racism Vs Prejudice

Prejudice vs Racism. Some mistrue the two. There are many ways to be racist unlike prejudice.

Racism usually in my book is disenfranchising a group of people by oppressing them in plethora ways for generations – socially, economically, religiously and so forth.

That’s not prejudice to me, all thou; the subtext.

Racism is about invoking the abuse of power over another race cuz you are enabled by the privileges you are accustomed with as the norm, or status quo; which in the broader sensibility, and truer truths of your privileges; where never yours in the first place to give or take ..’

“White Jesus” – Religion is an example.

A tool used to ideologically subverse others; racially pschologically as superior, to justify #slavery among a host of all other evils, when in truth, Jesus was never white but from Palestine.

Yet, he is branded through out the world and faith community all the way to the Vatican as a white lord and God. That’s messed up and erroneous.

Now, my views may be prejudiced but they aren’t racist cuz I am not white. Maybe one day. Love will find a way!

My black history books also tells me so unlike the ones I read before.

By Aremuorin

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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