Review: Black Race Vs #Lgbtq+ – #In14ways #Aremuorin

It’s ok to marry off a nine year old girl without her consent to a grown man but illegal for two consenting adults to be gay. The cognitive dissonance?

This week shall be devoted to black #lgbtq+ posts. A great week to unlearn irrational fear in the presence of love. There’s more.

There was a time the killing of twins was allowed in Nigeria. They were deemed to bring bad luck. Marry Slessor abolished that. This is no different. The criminalization of the lgbtq+ is akin to criminalizing drugs that profits the crime and the under world.

I’m sick of the double standards. I know my close knit social circles don’t need this info; but there’s a tone of disinformation out there, still impeding our humanities.

This isn’t about anybody in particular, but everybody. Love casts out fear.

Where is the free will? The one given away by God or the one taken away by Peadophiles, Homophobes & #BadReligion.

Just thought I’d show ignorant homophobes what black Lgbtq+ looks like, and how they positively enrich humanity despite their antiquated truths, negative narratives, old cultures, hypocritical religious views & blatant ignorance about human sexuality.

There are many powerful black lgbtq+ partners in all industries you will never find out. Mostly, born that way. So here is a re #education..’ – #In14ways

Here are resources about the #Lgbtq:

Plus Sides

Lgbtq+ have come a long way from Malcolm X to Rupaul and NFL players ..’

Down Sides

The more you criminalize any sub culture, the more it thrives underground. Hence more black men stay on the down low and creep around their spouses without discreation till they catch an std and infect their partner(s).

Wise women will avoid this and work it out with their partners or call it a day. There are many God Fathers and gangsters who are lgbtq+ members like Abraham Lincoln, Alexandra The Great & Malcom X all the way to Africa.

Men will stick it in anything as long as their friends dont know ..’ If Jesus was game and down with the Harlot; Mary Magdalene, I dont need the Pope to find God.

I’m gonna say it again louder & prouder. Straight men aren’t homophobes. Homophobes are closeted conflicted gays self-projecting from self hate.

I guess if you are not gay but a homophobe that makes it okay and makes you a saint. The lift. The narrative. I see how they go up now.

By Aremuorin

#Lght #Love #Power
#Aremuorin #LoveIsLove

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