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Written by Aremuorin

This is my mantra. Love. If you aren’t vibrating on it. Forget it. We have no biz together. Love has no fear. Love is no prison. I have no reason.

So, you, ‘downlow black male / female’, with wife and kids (or, single with no kids), fratenizing, and pimping the lgbtqi sexually, or favourably for business (using by advantage), in the closet, acting the bad boy/girl, gangstar part, in broad day light, to fool (gaslight) yourself and your friends (narcissism), or network.

Yet, projecting your hateful vitriol with homophobia at the lgbtqi, calling them “mentally ill” and sorts like, you will “burn them up”. Slow down. You are projecting yourself.

My question to you is: Who is really mentally ill? You, living a lie, in bondage, or the lgbtqi, servicing you, living in total truths?

Afterall, love is the highest vibration and the truth. There is nothing above love. Never mind distancing yourself.

The only thing you are distancing from, and need to distance from; is, your ‘hypocritical self’, cuz what you are distancing from, is, ‘inside you’. You can’t run from it ..’

Homophobes like you, tend to infect your spouses, more, with stds like HIV, on your matrimonial beds, cuz of your indescretionary secretive, curb crawling, antics; out of self hate. News flash: Straight men / women are not homophobes. Process that!

Most of you downlow’s don’t visit std clinics, regularly, for routine health checkups because of your denials. Neither do you arm yourself with basic lgbtqi sexual education to protect you and your sexual partners.

I love my light. The light it shines on love and the love that it shines on hate. Watch me spread love all over hate like butter. Living my authentic life. Are you thou?

I am a super talented ‘Tom Girl’. Naturally born, bonafied, Lgbtqi to Z, and beyond, and proud. Fearfully and wonderfully (biologically) made, to the glory of love.

True love hurt’s nobody. If you are truly heterosexual, what others do in their bedrooms, should be none of your concerns, as long as they are not doing it with you. Or, are they – or are they not?

Likewise, don’t curry the lgbtqi favours, services, businesses, endorsements, money, or patronage if you are disrespectful.

Everybody wants to be loved. Personally, I am the wrong one to manipulate or gaslight. In the words of Kenya Moore – “Don’t come for me, if I don’t come for you ..’

There are few of you (them), about and I am utterly tired of your (their) bullsh*t. You (They) are looking for a side piece with your (their) confusion.

While, on the subject of confusion, leave my interlectual property alone, unless you are paying me, my, agreed-written & approved licsencing-royalty fee, for commercial usage. Do not trade with the lgbtqi if you can’t be civil.

Especially, when you are not a mainstream nationally registered charity for a reputable good cause. Even if you are, it has to be approved by myself in writing and signed off by me.

My life is an open book. I utterly, with love, compassionately, respect those who respect others. Love is friendship, not a door mat.

This post is about homophobic downlow men or women who project themselves with homophobia. It isn’t a crime to be downlow, in itself for personal reasons; because of ignorance, but wrong to be a malicious, narcissistic gaslighting hypocrite about it, for personal gain, at the expense of everyone else.

Got no respect for inauthentic mofos. Take it elsewhere. Never have. Never will ..’

#Aremuorin #LoveIsLove

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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