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Have you ever heard God speak? I have and it’s spell binding:

Believers, I guess it’s the Egyptian, passover, but even the Israelites; were on lockdown to recieve, the blood of the lamb, to be passed over by the plague.

So, cover yourselves with the blood of Jesus, in your #yard ..’ – #In14Ways

Am no science expert, or prof, nor tech guru here -: But my little geography classes in school, reminds me of a few things for good food for thought. Isn’t the earth protected by an ozone layer and a strathosphere from harmful radiation emissions from the sun?

So why would that argument (human exposure to powerful UV Rays from the sun) be used to justify 5G? What sheilds us humans from 5G, if it’s 10x as strong, as 4G, as the claims are?

And why are birds falling out of the sky, and dolphines all suddenly dropping dead on shores, including humans, if the ecosystem, isn’t inteferred with? Something is off.

And, just because folks are experts does not mean they are not susceptible to bribery, controversy, cover up & corruption. All I know is, God is watching. I trust only a few of them, anymore.

The deployment –  whole agenda / story sounds, iffy and suspiciously fishy. Am a read my* bible* and pray instead ..’

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Whats your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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