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Lenae Perry’s Testimony


My brother Kaylan Perry, used to work at a Forever 21 in Alabama. While there a white girl had begun to like him and when my brother did not return her affection because he wasn’t interested and had a girlfriend she decided to retaliate.

About two weeks ago my brother went to AAMU homecoming, my brother was proud of his college. While there that same girl said racial slurs before telling my brother she “had something for him.”

That something was 10-15 Chicago boys from AAMU and Miles college jumping him and beating him until he was unrecognizable.

My family begged AAMU to handle this matter but they told us to come back in 3 weeks. My brother didn’t live to see those three weeks as he was murdered the next.

These boys drove through my grandmothers neighborhood every night casing the house. On October 4th my brother went out on his motorcycle to deliver a coat he had just bought his one year old son.


These boys ran my brother into a pole, breaking his neck and arms. Kaylan was dead upon arrival. And then after these boys killed my brother, they stole his backpack which contained my nephews coat and my brothers cellphone off of his lifeless body.

Then these boys ran from the crime scene. Giving false information, The Birmingham police department told the media that my brother was racing with this car.


When that was proved wrong this same department called my brother the agitator, and then later said both my brother and the boys who killed him were driving recklessly.

Kaylan was running for his life. There are many witnesses who have gone to the department to tell them what they truly saw and each have said that the department has tried to make them feel like they didn’t see what they saw. They have twisted their words. 


They have basically closed the case on my brother and will not make any efforts to find out the truth.

Please spread this word so my brother’s death won’t be in vain.
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