‘We need more #nice #people in the #world ..’ – #In14Ways #StayHome #Covid19 #HappyEaster

Written by Aremuorin

Thank God it is over. Thank God for the cross. We do not need polite fake, friends who apolo-lie with contrived airs and graces of dissents. No more Judas.

Give us real people. Not snakes, and thieving treacherous wolves in sheep skin fiending they care behind wretched anarchy. I am enough in Gods fountain of grace ..’ Real life. Real talk.

We #live in #perilious times. #Greed and wickedness. Intimate betraying lovers of all kinds. Two faced backstabbing liars.

Bombing continents and burning people up for the love of power and no need. How would they feel, to have a bomb, dropped on them; and their loved ones? That’s WHAT I WANNA KNOW!

The wounds that run deep are the ones that set you free! Keep rising upon the wave! You will land off shore and swim free, once again. I promise.

I hope you are wonderful stay where you are in light love brightens up every corner in it”s firm splendour. Hold on to that thought ..’ We need mote nice people in the world.

Dear Judas, The Lord’s Prayer is one of the best things your lips will ever say. Start praying ..’ We need more nice people in the world.

We need more nice people in the world. Fake smiles, air’s & graces to malign, fiend & character assasinate; others, don’t impress me.

They’re only skin deep. I love real people. God is my best friend. Now thats love ..’

Happy Easter to Everyone, except to the above mentioned. Judas !!! ‘When some people know you are winning, they will try and cheat you out ..’

Narcissists are great liars, manipulators and con-artists. They will cry you a river for all the rivers in Africa on cue, and bleed you tears.


Not a fit for the faint hearted to compute. They are always innocent, playing the victim, or saviour to stray dog’s.

Demons know how to pray. Narcissists pick their preys, well. It’s an art of gaslighting sociopathy. Check on your loved ones often with a keen #eye ..’ 💕- #In14Ways

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#StayHome #Covid19

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