Why Are Blacks & Asians dying more of Covid19? #Aremuorin #Covid19 #StayHome

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On the money. This is your clue to reasons why black folks are dying alarmingly more than white folks of Covid19..’ Sounds like social & genetic cleansing to me.

You could argue this as Genocide. Find the demographics of black folks dying. Compare it with white demographics; dying in the US & UK.

Not buying that ethnic minorities do not take enough vit d as the ans. I take Vitamin D supplements. My Dr gives me tonnes. My friends do too. Dr Frances Cress’s obsevation is a great clue into the problems the black community wrestles with.

The evil is hidden in plain sight. Un equal socio economic terms decerns, and other western genetically modified foods we eat or can not afford often; when healthy foods are premium; unaffordable, for the poor, and/or low income class.

When my white dr gave me a list of foods I should not buy in supermarkets, I nearly passed out.

Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service. Vaccines, have also been a way to attack the ethnic minorities.

Guardian – Peter Sparrow, 16/04/2020

How many times were African women sterilised through vaccines? I saw a video on social media recently, of a heavily pregnant black lady in labour assaulted with a forced vaccination, despite, declining.

Vaccines are legally by the supreme court declared unavoidably unsafe. So, you can not sue the manufacturers or goverment. Autisim in younger black boys are 200 percent times higher due to early vaccination, yet not prohibited.

Look up project mockingbird among other hidden in plain sight operations through out history. Wake up folks! Vit D is just an academic cover story.

I will hate to think this virus is racist ..’

And what about infecting Guatamalan’s with gonorrhea deliberately?

I have seen and heard this reverberating argument on Vit D deficiency in the BME, but I am on the mitigating, fence of tell me more.

In my view – “Socio Economic, disenfranchisement“, remains – the core. The rich Americans earning over $1M, are getting $1.7M in stimulus cheques, according to Forbes. Not the average Joes, $1,200.
No amount of Vit D will cure overcrowding and generational poverty, buttressed with prejudice; the mother of racism, systemically. I suffer no fools. Maybe you do?


Wicked world ..’ ✍🏿🙏🏿

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