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After my key worker told me to stick up for myself I started to own my bullies ..’ – Aremuorin

When I realized, maybe, the lockdown was getting to me, I played this game with an ap online called ‘OMG’ and this was the result.

It made me reflect thoughtfully on me for a change, for a while. These stream of thoughts, then followed.

Am I bitchy? Let me explain this one. Evil is a psychological manipulation of another persons freewill with narcissism and sociopathy through gaslights that mess you out of your sanity. Evil is very, smart.

After bottles of anti depressants and years of psychological abuse, low self esteem, and feeling a victim, I became that clap back bitch. Suicide is not an option.

Abusers have selective amnesia. They pick well whom to gaslight ..’ Everyone should draw boundries because not everyone who is with you is for you.

You can give your heart and soul to a hater but they will never be happy. So smile, and walk away.

Do say what you have to say if you feel you have been wronged and let the truths prevail ..’

I believe God is love and he rewards good works with love. Love is not evil.

So the next time you hear, feel, taste or smell, evil – run. Evil has a vibration. Redflag. Master the signs well.

You don’t even have to justify yourself to evil. You know why? The love of money is root of all evil. Don’t just walk away. State your case; and be gone.

One great friend is worth more than a million fake friends ..’


Whats your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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