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Written by Aremuorin
Days like this, I wish I wasnt me. If reincarnation is true, I want out, but, if I must; I will opt to be a tree. At least, I’ll mind my own breeze in the wind. Or a bird, like an eagle.

Fly and low as high as I want. In the absence of, I will opt, to be a white man – even, at the least, a chinese man ..’

When evil 6 degrees away from you is ravaging your competition and you are playing dumb. You are next ..’ – Aremuorin

Perhaps, black people inherently, have no self love and are their own worst enemies. If I were a white man, I believe, I would have been an androgynous multi-billionaire. Lol. But then, again God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers ..’


Bobrisky (& Derenle) could have been the next “Tyler Perry”, but they are (the traditional antiquated African culture) too busy demonising him. It did not hurt “Grace Jones” or “Prince”.

Prince 📷 Tumblr

Money talks bullsh*t walks. The love of money is truely the root of all evil. So the bible says, and I still wonder why it is news ..’ Funny how humans alter their toon when money becomes boss ie slavery!

I understand, evil has no color, but if it’s anything to go by, by what the chinese are up to, in Africa (right-now), after colonialism, & that horrid trans-atlantic slave trade; Africans, have lost their brains and testicular fortitude.

That’s why I would rather, not come back a human, at all, if I had the choice. At least, not as a black man.

Grace Jones – 📷

For, where is the love? Maybe, if love found a way, back into humanities, consciousness, I may return. Sending everyone good energy.

I can only think of meta physical projections to emancipate these times. I
hope for a new day where love reigns supreme amongst us all ..’

Picture of Prince & Grace Jones Via Tumblr ..’
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