The Politics of #Ingratitude ..’ – #In14Ways #Charity #Aremuorin

The Politics of #Ingratitude ..’ – #In14Ways #Charity #Aremuorin

Written by Aremuorin

No one hates on a loser. They only do when you are slaying ..’ – Aremuorin

Despite my own personal, health #challenges, this is why for 7 years, I haved helped, many stars, businesses and rising talent, on my blogs, phillantropically.

Pro Bono: PR, Promotions, Performances, Cash Donations & Elevations worth thousands of pounds ..’

Sometimes, not even a thank you, or a taxi fare home but dissents of envy; saboteuring and debaucherry.

I have testimonies on my blogs; how my blog helps kids do their school home work in America, or, how my music

helps autistic kids sleep. Considering, I create music out of immense discomfort and pain, sometimes, that’s a huge relief and sigh of accomplishment for me, over oscars, grammies, or trophies. I can die happy and fufilled tomorrow.

Am grateful to God for all these blessings and to be a blessed burden. A chosen vessel. I pray to God – for honour and not to dishonour. Amen.

These trials are designed to make one, tough skinned, stronger and a whole lot wiser. There is an old saying, “The devil didn’t give it to me, so, the devil can’t take it away from me”.

However, you have some rich politicians squandering and babbling away, proliferating on state funds into the millions doing; almost nothing, selfless & noteworthy for the people they swore to serve.

My trophies are in heaven💕 where no thieves or, moth can rust. God is watching ..’ Amen👆🏿

My advice. Do you and do it genuinely, for love. God is love ..’ Amen !!!

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