Rite Of Passage: Wake Up #Africa ..’ – #In14Ways #AbuseIsAbuse #Lgbtqia

Written by Aremuorin

I hate humans. This barbaric shite needs to stop. Period. Shrouded in secrecy my a**. Next you will say it’s not openly traditionally practised or accepted.

This is why. Africans do theirs in secrecy while Europeans do the opposite. Theirs is all over the internet / media.

Wake up and keep up now. The ignorance of hidden in plane sight. In 1881, Mary Slessor, a missionary, stopped the killing of twins in Africa. Tell me what has changed.

This post is to highlight the particular

antiquated traditional practises against Africans in the African community.

Read more about the rite of passage in South Africa here.

#Aremuorin #Education #AbuseIsAbuse #Lgbtqia

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