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Written by Aremuorin

So me❤ rait n💕w👐🏿🤷🏿‍♂️👆🏿👏🏿.

On Sociopathy: Realtalk💕👇🏿. Know your friends or you will be #burned ..’ ❤👈🏿

Some people are not your friends. They only want to use you by advantage, or by association, to social climb; then elimminate you.

God forbid, they do not assassinate your name or brand(s) in the process to cover their tracks. They pick their targets well.

Master manipulators and great two faced back-sabbing liars ..’

Evil has, a taste, a smell, a feel and even a look. Diarise it well and evolve from the pain like beautiful flowers from manure.

Halleluyah. It feels like sunday❤👈🏿  but we are churched out and now churched in. I guess #love will save the day when you wanna dance with somebody like Jesus💕🙏🏿✍🏿.

When people who you thought you were your friend’s turn out, not to be, celeberate the truth, cuz you are better of 🤔.

Yes, I am a survivor of such evil. You can watch a classic case here.


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