Cognitive Dissonance Vs #Toxic #Masculinity: #Lgbtqia+ #Aremuorin #LHHH #MercyfulGrace

Written by Aremuorin

Love And Hippop did a great job bringing this to light. Utter respect to the producers and cast. God bless you. Miles & Milan’s relationship journey was a FIRST for “Love & Hip Hop”. #ProudTogether #LHHH

Broadly speaking, from experience. This is my take. I say this to those in the closet proverbially. So you are street, flying the hipop flag, which is about realness, but you are gay/bi, in the closet. Explain that part of the bull sh*t I missed. All that tough exterior, but broken, inside. Who is the butt of the joke? This is indicative of our black communities. It is not right. Bucking!!!I feel for you if this is who you are. Give it to God. Lives are destroyed and broken behind this fassad. It is an insidious unhealthy contradiction. Especially, if you are a homophobic, downlow, black man. I love my #lgbtqia+ life. Read a book. Educate your mind. Get it out of mental slavery and religious dogma according to white jesus. Free your soul. Live. There are many gangstars caught up in this prison. In their mind, they believe; nobody knows. So sad. It is time. Love is love. Everybody knows.Miles & Milan’s relationship journey was a FIRST for “Love & Hip Hop”. #ProudTogether #LHH. Watch their storyline here. Cognitive Dissonance Vs Toxic Masculinity:

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