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Written by Aremuorin

Thank you #LindaIkeji❤👈🏿.

An innocent, red carpet, selfie moment. Then, selfie went viral. I am here ..’ – Aremuorin ✍🏿🙏🏿

God instructed me to do it. I felt his presence after the ignorant fake xtains attacked me verbally at that award ceremony in London for my hair.

I was booked to perform there and someone blocked all my awards from that event. I laugh at the narcissism now. Never needed it.

It was an aftermath selfie I posted on my instagram @Aremuorin (See new IG page @IAmAremuorin). The only viral pic from the bookers event.

The event organiser, allegedly, told photographers not to take my pic on the red carpet. I was avoided like a plague on that red carpet by them.

But see how God shut them up.

Was offerred no stipends and sang on an empty stomach watching everyone after; eat, their main course, and desserts, plus drinks, while I starved my eyes out, dehydratingly.

Worst night ever booked as an artiste! God did me good ooo with justice in the end. Who said there is no God! Please, do it again; dear God. Fight for me. Shalom !!!

My red carpet selfie went viral. I will never forget. God can not be mocked.
Touch not my annointed.

Aremuorin For God❤👈🏿

Read the viral post by Linda here

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