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Great News. The final cut is here ..’ – Aremuorin

‘Migration of African Music’ was selected to participate in the documentary film competition of Africa International Film Festival.

So blessed. My first documentary. Nearly said no. Just watched it. It’s really good ..’ I’m so proud of myself. Finally done something different for a while.

Thank you God. I see now why it was nominated for an African International Film Festival for Best Documentary & a GAB Award Finalist.

The banter and jokes man ..’ I think Alim was so effortessly magical. Would love to work with everyone again someday. Just let me learn all the tunes first, okay – jokes😂👈🏿

I was scouted at a Nollywood red carpet premier for a Nicholas Beveney’s (The Kings) movie by a director from Ben TV. Actually nearly turned him down cuz the project he sold to me originally, failed.

So, I was very sceptic and nearly pissed off, the director, of this other documentary – he brought to me.

But Temi Obadina was so Godly and patient. He taught me patience with a ‘C.A.P.I.T.A.L – P’.

Thank you Temi for working with me. Onwards up. This is just the beginning of greatness. You deserve it. Looking forward to a sequel. Amen🙏🏿👈🏿

Produced by Aremuorin

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  1. Nice foundational research sir.
    God bless you and support you the more

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