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Written by Aremuorin


Domestic abusers are delusional narcissists👌🏾🎶🙄💯🙄. Typical. #COVID2019 made this disease trend. The games, shenanigans and psychological evil.

They are never introspective on accountability. Yet, they project blame on their target with self entitlement for compassion. Selfish in their judgement. Very naive. I rather keep it moving.

Am too grown to be caught up in other people’s traumas, or unresolved, deflected triggers. Am not their shrink.

So I will absolve myself by doing me authentically with kindness and uttermost self care. When it’s too much for a blessed burden, I will hold onto my innermost peace with creative solitude enthroned in beautiful greatness.

It does not mean I signed up for domestic abuse from anyone. Nor, do I owe anyone explanation for such ignorance they love to enjoy. Not my problem. May love lead the way.

Many vulnerable people suffer abuse from their carers, or closest confidents and relatives.

Abusers will always blame their target and play the victim even thou they control the narrative from the beginning to the bitter end with unresolved detailed insightful manipulative deflected triggers and traumas of their own.

Narcissists don’t understand ‘nuance’. Even if you spell it out for them, no matter how, or, how many times. They are too self absorbed with their grandiose delusions of self importance to have any self awareness to do ‘nuance’.

They need professional help & psychological evaluation. Not your nuance, or (rational) conversations. You will be wasting your time & breath there – otherwise.


Their goal is to drag you two inches below the gutter to wollow in the mire of their own (sociopathy) delusions. Nobody has time for that.

Narcissists are bullies. Cognitive dissonance is their playground. This is their trigger. Narcissists don’t like the truth. This will annoy them because this is true. The truth hurts. Like I said. Not my problem👏🏿💖.

Here are some resources on domestic abuse:

Recognising domestic abuse


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