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Written by Aremuorin


Domestic abusers are delusional narcissists👌🏾🎶🙄💯🙄. Typical. #COVID2019 made this disease trend. The games, shenanigans and psychological evil.

They are never introspective on accountability. Yet, they project blame on their target with self entitlement for compassion. Selfish in their judgement. Very naive. I rather keep it moving.

Am too grown to be caught up in other people’s traumas, or unresolved, deflected triggers. Am not their shrink.

So I will absolve myself by doing me authentically with kindness and uttermost self care. When it’s too much for a blessed burden, I will hold onto my innermost peace with creative solitude enthroned in beautiful greatness.

It does not mean I signed up for domestic abuse from anyone. Nor, do I owe anyone explanation for such ignorance they love to enjoy. Not my problem. May love lead the way.

Many vulnerable people suffer abuse from their carers, or closest confidents and relatives.

Abusers will always blame their target and play the victim even thou they control the narrative from the beginning to the bitter end with unresolved detailed insightful manipulative deflected triggers and traumas of their own.

Narcissists don’t understand ‘nuance’. Even if you spell it out for them, no matter how, or, how many times. They are too self absorbed with their grandiose delusions of self importance to have any self awareness to do ‘nuance’.

They need professional help & psychological evaluation. Not your nuance, or (rational) conversations. You will be wasting your time & breath there – otherwise.


Their goal is to drag you two inches below the gutter to wollow in the mire of their own (sociopathy) delusions. Nobody has time for that.

Narcissists are bullies. Cognitive dissonance is their playground. This is their trigger. Narcissists don’t like the truth. This will annoy them because this is true. The truth hurts. Like I said. Not my problem👏🏿💖.

Here are some resources on domestic abuse:

Recognising domestic abuse


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American #History That We Don’t Hear in #School. #ICantBreath #MaryCantyMerrill #Aremuorin

Written by Mary Canty Merrill

I cannot endure yet another round of planned cross-country racial justice protests. Black folks have protested for years, and here we are in 21st century U.S.A. still protesting and still being slaughtered like animals.

NOTHING will change until white supremacist systems are dismantled. Yet, we already know the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. There is no safety for Black people on these shores.

1. Lincoln believed white people were the superior race.

2. Gandhi hated black Africans. 3. The CIA introduced crack/cocaine into inner-cities across the U.S.

4. The FBI actively sabotaged and dismantled the Black Power Movement, the American Indian Movement, and the Chicano Movement but the KKK is still alive and well today.

5. The father of modern gynecology (James Marion Sims) experimented and tortured black women during slavery for his findings.

6. In 1999 a jury found that Loyd Jowers had participated in a conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King Jr., and that “governmental agencies” (namely the FBI and military) were party to the conspiracy.

7. In the Tuskegee experiments, the U.S. gave STDs and other diseases, including syphilis, to unknowing black men.

8. Japan was already in line to surrender when the U.S. bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

9.The US created the Taliban to oppose the Soviet Union.

10. Native Americans had to register to become American.

11. Black Panthers once watched over the police to prevent unjust arrests and beatings.

12. Native American children were forcibly taken from their parents and enrolled in government run “boarding schools” which stripped them of their culture by shaving their hair and virtually whitewashing them. The government also used the children as a tool of leverage against their parents.

13. Black people were in zoos.

14. Gay white plantation owners used to rape the slave men in front of the slave’s wives, children, and friends. They used this method to deter the slaves from revolting or any other unwanted acts.

15. Plantation owner would make a “deal” with the hardest working male slave to bore a set amount of children and he will be set free. Creating the stereotype of black men leaving and abandoning their children.

16. Harriet Tubman’s first husband, a freed man, tried to discourage Harriet’s mission to free as many slaves as she could by threatening to turn her over.

17. The U.S. has been responsible for almost every major conflict of the last one hundred years and interfered in the others almost always for drugs or oil.

Listen to this heart felt White Womans Perspective and her call to action ..’

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John Hopkins University: Summary to avoid contagion #Covid19 #Aremuorin #StayHomeAndSaveLives

Posted by Aremuorin

John Hopkins University, sent this excellent summary to avoid contagion.


📌The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells.

📌Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.

📌The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam CUTS the FAT (that is why you have to rub so much: for 20 seconds or more, to make a lot of foam). By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.

📌 HEAT melts fat; this is why it is so good to use water above 25 degrees Celsius for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, hot water makes more foam and that makes it even more useful.

📌 Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.

📌 Any mixture of 1 part bleach and 5 parts water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside.

📌 Oxygenated water helps long after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide dissolves the virus protein, but you have to use it pure and it hurts your skin.

📌 NO BACTERICIDE works on the virus. The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; they cannot kill what is not alive with anthobiotics, but quickly disintegrate its structure with everything said.

📌 NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth. While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only between 3 hours (fabric and porous), 4 hours (copper, because it is naturally antiseptic; and wood, because it removes all the moisture and does not let it peel off and disintegrates), 24 hours (cardboard), 42 hours (metal) and 72 hours (plastic). But if you shake it or use a feather duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours, and can lodge in your nose.

📌The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars. They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.

📌 UV LIGHT on any object that may contain it breaks down the virus protein. For example, to disinfect and reuse a mask is perfect. Be careful, it also breaks down collagen (which is protein) in the skin, eventually causing wrinkles and skin cancer.

📌The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.

📌 Vinegar is NOT useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.

📌 NO SPIRITS, NOR VODKA can melt the fat in the virus. The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol, and you need 65%. LISTERINE SERVES! It is 65% alcohol.

📌The more confined the space, the more concentration of the virus there can be. The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.

📌 This is super said, but you have to wash your hands before and after touching mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc. And when using the bathroom.

📌You have to HUMIDIFY HANDS DRY from so much washing them, because the molecules can hide in the micro cracks. The thicker the moisturizer, the better.

📌Also keep your NAILS SHORT so that the virus does not hide there.

Let’s spread calm and not fear

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Review: When We Ruled by Robin Walker ..’ #Aremuorin #RobinWalker #MercyfulGrace

1. The human race is of African origin. The oldest known skeletal remains of anatomically modern humans (or homo sapiens) were excavated at sites in East Africa. Human remains were discovered at Omo in Ethiopia that were dated at 195,000 years old, the oldest known in the world.

2. Skeletons of pre-humans have been found in Africa that date back between 4 and 5 million years. The oldest known ancestral type of humanity is thought to have been the australopithecus ramidus, who lived at least 4.4 million years ago.

3. Africans were the first to organise fishing expeditions 90,000 years ago. At Katanda, a region in northeastern Zaïre (now Congo), was recovered a finely wrought series of harpoon points, all elaborately polished and barbed. Also uncovered was a tool, equally well crafted, believed to be a dagger. The discoveries suggested the existence of an early aquatic or fishing based culture.

4. Africans were the first to engage in mining 43,000 years ago. In 1964 a hematite mine was found in Swaziland at Bomvu Ridge in the Ngwenya mountain range. Ultimately 300,000 artefacts were recovered including thousands of stone-made mining tools. Adrian Boshier, one of the archaeologists on the site, dated the mine to a staggering 43,200 years old.

5. Africans pioneered basic arithmetic 25,000 years ago. The Ishango bone is a tool handle with notches carved into it found in the Ishango region of Zaïre (now called Congo) near Lake Edward. The bone tool was originally thought to have been over 8,000 years old, but a more sensitive recent dating has given dates of 25,000 years old. On the tool are 3 rows of notches. Row 1 shows three notches carved next to six, four carved next to eight, ten carved next to two fives and finally a seven. The 3 and 6, 4 and 8, and 10 and 5, represent the process of doubling. Row 2 shows eleven notches carved next to twenty-one notches, and nineteen notches carved next to nine notches. This represents 10 + 1, 20 + 1, 20 – 1 and 10 – 1. Finally, Row 3 shows eleven notches, thirteen notches, seventeen notches and nineteen notches. 11, 13, 17 and 19 are the prime numbers between 10 and 20.

6. Africans cultivated crops 12,000 years ago, the first known advances in agriculture. Professor Fred Wendorf discovered that people in Egypt’s Western Desert cultivated crops of barley, capers, chick-peas, dates, legumes, lentils and wheat. Their ancient tools were also recovered. There were grindstones, milling stones, cutting blades, hide scrapers, engraving burins, and mortars and pestles.

7. Africans mummified their dead 9,000 years ago. A mummified infant was found under the Uan Muhuggiag rock shelter in south western Libya. The infant was buried in the foetal position and was mummified using a very sophisticated technique that must have taken hundreds of years to evolve. The technique predates the earliest mummies known in Ancient Egypt by at least 1,000 years. Carbon dating is controversial but the mummy may date from 7438 (±220) BC.

8. Africans carved the world’s first colossal sculpture 7,000 or more years ago. The Great Sphinx of Giza was fashioned with the head of a man combined with the body of a lion. A key and important question raised by this monument was: How old is it? In October 1991 Professor Robert Schoch, a geologist from Boston University, demonstrated that the Sphinx was sculpted between 5000 BC and 7000 BC, dates that he considered conservative.

9. On the 1 March 1979, the New York Times carried an article on its front page also page sixteen that was entitled Nubian Monarchy called Oldest. In this article we were assured that: “Evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy in human history, preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations, has been discovered in artifacts from ancient Nubia” (i.e. the territory of the northern Sudan and the southern portion of modern Egypt.)

10. The ancient Egyptians had the same type of tropically adapted skeletal proportions as modern Black Africans. A 2003 paper appeared in American Journal of Physical Anthropology by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski entitled Variation in Ancient Egyptian Stature and Body Proportions where she states that: “The raw values in Table 6 suggest that Egyptians had the ‘super-Negroid’ body plan described by Robins (1983). The values for the brachial and crural indices show that the distal segments of each limb are longer relative to the proximal segments than in many ‘African’ populations.”

Recommended reading

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. (C) 2019 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest All Rights Reserved

Barbara Campbell #RIP ..’ – #In14Ways #Aremuorin #BarbaraCampbell

Written by Aremuorin

Barbara Campbell, found her wings on the 27th of Dec 2019 beside her adored children ..’ – Aremuorin

Had no idea she had taken ill. Was heart breaking to learn she passed away from dementia on the 27th of December 2019.

I worked with her briefly in London. My colleague Christine Regurika took me to her house a couple times whilst we worked at Voice of Africa Radio.

She also reviewed my first album in one of her publications “Live Listings Magazine”. Internet was not very accesible then.

We used modems, in those days, so her business model and services were very apt and highly sought after, in the community unlike todays social media accessibility for vissibility.

She also gave me some great, writing tips. I, at the time, thought, she was rude and too imposing, lol, but she was on the money.

My brother, a sports mag editor, and sister, an English Grad, Major, agreed with her school of thought, much later on in my writing career when they pointed the same mistakes, I made again. Since then, I developed my own uniqe; style, voice and sound.

I can still hear her voice in my head. What a lovely, kind woman. Shall be fondly missed. I do.

I do not agree that she did not recieve mainstream recognition, cuz she did not need it. She succeeded in catering for her community who needed her and her services most.

Thank her, and thank God, for her. Thank you 🥰🙏🏿🤦🏿‍♂️ for all the thoughfulness & services to the community. RIP. Till we meet again.

More @ https://Aremuorin.me

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Oris Erhuero ..’ – #In14Ways #Interview #Showbiz #OrisErhuero #Aremuorin

Interview by Aremuorin

Had the opportunity to interview Oris Erhuero, recently. A new Bond era. Fit for Her Majesty’s Service ..’ It was really inspirational and indepth. Here is the interview:

Oris BW2- MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

1. How do you adapt to winter?

So far so good, as the winter has it’s thing with me, where it keeps me on my toes at all times.

2. Whats keeps you busy?

Right now my family keeps me very busy. As well as my good friends, that I haven’t been able to make time for, during the year, due to work commitments.

3. Why is fitness important to you.

Fitness is extremely important to me. It’s a lifestyle for me, no doubt. It’s parts and parcel of who I am. It’s one of the many things in life I will always live and swear by.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 4.jpg
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 8.jpg
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Netflix

It’s something that’s been installed in me since I was a kid. It’s what led me to break dancing, martial arts, weights, running, meditation, yoga, and the urge for me to push and compete with myself. It has been very rewarding to my career in ways that I never saw coming I would like to say it’s an institution within my life.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 5.jpg
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

And a medical proven fact, that one will for ever stay young, healthy and alert with time and age, no matter what, and where one is in life, as long you are willing to slice and save time out of your 24 given hour a day to commit.

4. Your latest movie “EUROPA” playing at Film festivals around the world at the moment … Tell us about it.

Well. it’s a true story, told from – as a movie – shot within a movie. The inside movie tells a fictional murder story, a drama and love triangle. And the «outside» movie tells above all a razor sharp analysis of contemporary life in Europe by the award winning Rwandan director Kivu Ruhorahoza (Grey Matter, Things of the Aimless Wanderer). He decides to film his new movie, A Tree Has Fallen, in London.

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

It is, to be a stylish drama. about “Simon”, the character which I play, a mysterious “Nigerian man”, who returns to London to make amends with Anna, his mixed-race lover (Lisa Moorish) and Bruce, Anna’s white ex-husband (Matt Ray Brown).

Progressively, this love triangle mirrors the increasing social and racial tensions in Great Britain, and Europe today right now. This is in parallel to his narrative fiction, “Kivu documents”. This tensions by filming a series of rallies in the streets of London.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace blog.jpg
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

But inevitably, the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy of the ruling Conservative Party comes back to haunt the reunited lovers and to disrupt Kivu’s film making effort. Sensing that his London stay is coming to a forced end, Kivu attends a far right protest to try and understand the rising xenophobia of the Brits and of his character Bruce.

5. Barriers you have had to break down.

One of the many things in life I have learned is that from the day we were born, no matter what race, gender or tribe we are, there would always be a barrier without fail in front of us.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 7.jpg
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Robert Lapworth

I believe it’s part of all of our destiny and mission in life to fight for what we believe in, and that will come with a lot of barriers. I have had to keep in mind, that the many that came before I was born, fought to overcome what I wouldn’t probably think is a problem, today. For example; ‘Racism’ – today isn’t what the likes of my father and mom had to bear in the 60’s, in the west. Today, it’s a different kind. It’s all psychological. For example in my case, transcending from the fashion and modelling world.

Oris Erhuero 9 - MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

“For me, being a person of colour, I had to fight my way through all the racial political crap that came with it to get work. However, you keep pushing through, with a positive mind set, or it can eat you up and discourage you from growing. I walked from the world of fashion onto my first tv series in the 90s, and forcefully been the character that was intended to be a guest star in the first episode, to being one of the leading characters”.

At that time, when and if you came from modelling, or the fashion world, you were never taken seriously, for TV. So, having to push through that in the 90s, was a big deal, and then having the opportunity to transcend from TV to Film was a barrier, As Back then, doing TV was the death of an actor, as once you started there you died there, you couldn’t cross that line to film ever, and then finding myself blazing through that barrier on to films and stage and people accepting the change ,was a big deal.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 6.jpg
Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

It’s funny with the help of social media, how many people are taken back by my journey from the beginning, to where I am now; because to them, many people back then, where kind of stuck in a time zone and didn’t, and couldn’t, cross that barrier.

I have become part of that generation that can juggle anything thrown our way. So, for me, it’s almost a trill to say to myself; let’s do this, and surprise myself in the process. Today many of us can do music, produce films, write and direct them, as well as collaborate with fashion houses, simply because many of us understood that breaking down Barriers, and constantly transcending would always pay of in big a big way.

6. So you are an SGI Nicheriann Buddhist? Tell us about it?

Nicherian Buddhism’s for me is the simple in-depth discovery of common sense in it’s entity, taught to me through the sgi Soka Gakkai international, meaning value creating society.

It’s a diverse Buddhist community network which comprises of more than 12 million people in 192 countries and territories around the world. We, as Sgi members, base our practice on the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism, which teaches that each person has within the courage, wisdom and compassion to face and surmount any of life’s challenges.

Oris - MercyfulGrace Blog.jpg
Oris Erhuero – Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

Based on core Buddhist principles such as respecting the dignity of human life and the inter connected-ness of self and the environment, we engage in various peace activities including human rights education, the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and efforts to promote sustainable development.

7. Does God and The notion appeal to you? What does it mean to you?

Yes, the term appeals to me in many ways, but that also depending, on how each individual of any form of belief system. sees it, and understands it. But in my case, as a Nicherien buddhist, we have the term called the mystic law, which is “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” in English, it means “Devotion to the mystic law of the universe” or “Glory to the sutra of the lotus of the supreme”.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace.jpg
Oris Erhuero, MercyfulGrace Blog

This is the central mantra chanted within all forms of Nichiren Buddhism. However, at the end of the day, as a Buddhist, we believe that nothing is fixed or permanent and that change is always possible through chanting and prayers. That’s my notion of God and how it appeals to me. Nevertheless, it all begins and end with prayers to deeply understand that notion.

8. Have you compromised something you love for the greater good of mankind or would you.

Yes, many many years ago in the 80s before Nelsons Mandela release from jail, I was scouted as a model to go and work in South Africa along with other models. The offer was incredibly lucrative, but even as I was young, it didn’t sit well with me. I had this feeling if I cross that line; it would be the point of no return, as many artist and musicians were warned not to go, as it will be a disrespect to Mandela as well as those fighting to abolish Apartheid.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

As fast forward years later in May 1994 the week of his inauguration, an agent invited me again to go to South Africa, and that’s where my carrier in the end really jumped of from fashion and modelling to TV and film career.

And going on almost 27 years, I really believe in my heart that when I look back, that act, and sacrifice I made with out selling myself short or selling out by crossing that line back then , really payed of for me today , and it was worth it. That act has lead me in making many decisions today no matter how juicy it seems to say no and walk away without any regret.

9. Life as a black person, does it seem like a fairy tale to you or is it a survival game.

To be honest at times it does feel like the survival game.

I have had to work super hard, and pray incredibly hard, that people will look past this colour of my skin and just see the greatness in me, there also see in themselves And that really broke through for me when I arrived in ‘South Africa the week of May 1994’.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 2.jpgOris Erhuero – Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

In addition, I was very fortunate to meet Mandela and certain people I would have never been able to sit in a room with in the west.

I had arrived as a young man to chase my dreams at a period of change in a country where blacks and whites fighting alongside against racism where dealt a hard blow by the Killing of Steven Biko, and many more countless people and kids got shot and killed for speaking up.
Watching one man, who had been locked up for 27 years come out and bring the people, regardless of their colour, together to live as one in harmony. That special moment and time changed me forever.

Oris Erhuero 12 - MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

So today, wherever I go, I take that spirit and energy of Mandela and those who fought alongside him, with me. I remember this when I work in a place where I don’t see people like me. I just make it known that I’m a human just like you, so whatever misconception you may have of me or people like me, we need to get past it and get on with the task at hand.

But from to time to time, I find myself slipping in to that survival mode and having to catch myself, and to be honest I have seen the positive impact more so lately. I now deeply feel slowly, slowly, the survival game is slipping away for good.

Oris Erhuero 11 - MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

I truly believe in my hearts of hearts the reality is settling in and people are tired and want to get along and just live in harmony, and yes sometimes it’s all about the mind-set and where we are in the moment.
I sincerely believe we all have the power to make a change where we go from here.

10. Actors you will like to co star with?

Anyone that can act, and do it like the greats.

11. Your hide away?

The Nordics

12. Your 4 non negotiables.

A). Racism

B). Leaders who come in to Power and break their promise.

C). People who abuse their power and position in life.

D). The 4th would be any one who discriminates against any gender of any kind, as people should be free to be who they believe they are. Period.

13. Best advice given.

My best advice ever given to me was by the iconic Sisley Tyson. We met in South Africa while I was taking a break from filming.

Oris Erhuero 10 - MercyfulGrace Blog
Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Antonio Rui Ribeiro

And during one of our moments together, she invited me to the opening of the Robben Island prison in Cape Town where Nelson Mandela spent part of his 27 years incarcerated. This Prison was now been reopened and turned in to a museum, as a great reminder of Nelsoms Mandela’s past.

As we sat on the ferry ride talking, she just stopped in the middle of our casual conversation, and said to me that I should never underestimate myself and the power in me.

To always stand my ground no matter what, know my worth and to never sell myself short. She lived by those words by introducing me to one of the most powerful mangers in Hollywood, doubling my salary for the next season – that changed the game for me. So now, when in doubt, I go back to that moment.

14. SAY some wishful & grateful things for humanity to come to pass.


Close: Thanks for the interview. It is a real treat. Will just like to add an after thought here. “You are a dream come true and incredibly inspiring. I will pay a million bucks to have the opportunity to do this interview all over again, and again. One day the world will thank you”.

Life will fade, but time will prevail. So, get on your ship, and take to sail. My prayer for anyone going through arduous challenges is that you find your beacon of light. Don’t let go of that hope in your heart. Darkness despises #light ..’ – #In14Ways


The End.

Produced by Aremuorin

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