THE #REBIRTH – #AREMUORIN #Oblivion #Afrobeats

You can’t have what I own. It does not belong to you. Even if you think, its in your possession. There’s no power in it, if it belongs to me. Unless, it has my blessing, with the same anointing, as it was given to me by my Heavenly Father. It’s not yours unless I’ve given it to you, whole heartedly.

The Rebirth – Aremuorin

To steal from me, is to invite heaps of black holes into your life. It will rain merciless – terror on you for generations to travail bitterly!

Go Head – Try me! #With God on your side, and love in your heart – you can never go wrong. Just patiently wait, and watch; as the jokers – roll their dice, of toll. and behold nothing but fade ..’

I was complaining I missed the bus until I met the girl who had no legs. Start walking to your destination

Nobody has the power to change God’s purpose in our lives. You can try but it will not get you very far. Before Abraham, Christ; was. He is a miracle of all times. The father of faith. Just like him I believe. And he, had concubines.

May your plate be always full ..’ – Aremuorin
Photo Credit – Aremuorin

Worry about your own salvation and pray for love to abound tearing out hate in our souls, for it, to abound. AMEN ..’ When you are different, start a party and invite people like you; rather than being the outsider at some haters ..’

The reign of oligarchy will stop as soon as love rains on all
of us – Aremuorin


Produced by Aremuorin

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