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How can someone harassed and stressed out ignore being harassed?


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A friend sent me a video about gang stalking, and I was saddened by the naivety and lack of understanding of the gravity of the damage it causes in our society. Narcissists who stalk empaths are gang stalkers.

God-forsaken, soulless-thugs who have nothing productive to do but wallow in low vibrating, thuggery; while everyone else is busy spreading love. It fills their weakness with dire shameless-brokenness to be a pathetic thug.

Your mother is very proud.

These narcissists are detestable evils in every way. The first video is background while the THIRD VIDEO is really the one to pay attention to. It covers all you need to know about gang stalking, from real people, by real people who want to know what real Gang Stalking is about.

For someone who has lived this vividly, extensively for decade’s, I can safely tell you, you have no idea of the severity of the issue until it happens to you, or a loved one. Pray you don’t experience it. I read somewhere that there are over a million cases in America admitted by the police according to the justice department.

What Is Gang Stalking

Gang stalking

Gang stalking is the use of harassment and intimidation tactics by a group of people against another person or a smaller group of people. People may commit this civil offence because they are intolerant of another person for a variety of reasons, such as differing beliefs or lifestyles, jealousy, or racial prejudice. Stalkers usually devise the covert methods used for psychological harassment in order to exact revenge, coerce silence, or expel people who hold opposing views. While gang stalking is considered a misdemeanour in some states, it is a felony in others.

The psychiatrist the Coward

That psychiatrist in the video below is a coward, to me. He has no moral compass to speak of, for someone who took an oath to cure and help humanity, hypothetically speaking. I despise every ounce of his cowardice.

So, for him to feel safe and cope he ignores evil. So how does that help victims?

Oh, I know. Ignore them and call them crazy, then medicate them, so he continues to cut his cheque without consequences from the gangs that control him. That makes sense. Very nice.

Mind you, I think the first video was pre covid. If we had told you about Cointellpro, DEW’s, 1930s Tuskegee syphilis experiments, the 1940s Guatemalan experiments and the 1960s CIA LSD experiments or that covid was going to happen, don’t take some of those, poisonous injections, you would say we were crazy too. Right?

How can someone harassed and stressed out ignore being harassed?

How does it make sense?

Could it be you are so dumbed down and unaware of you being mind controlled by thugs you call your leaders? Be very weary of people who plot to do evil to your mutual friends in confidence because you are next on their list. It’s not a question of how. It’s question of when ..’

Education on Gang stalking.

Imagine all the humanitarians in the world, charities, truth speakers, NGO’s, youtubers, slave abolishers fighting or exposing evil, did the same? Where would the good world be today.

You think about that. I hope you sleep well at night. I guess it’s not your problem. So, let’s all ignore it and pretend. Very Nice. I see how the lift goes up in this narrative.

See You At Work – Denzel Washington

Love will save the day and good will conquer evil one day not far away..’ A lot of the times, like the psychiatrist, in the first video, often, are double agents, the very people we are exposing. Tools used to supress the truth. The real Judas, working overtime, enabling gang stalkers, systemically under the radar.

To reduce facts to feelings to perverse the truth under the guise of medical psychiatry is the lowest low of all humanity. It’s evil, and needs to stop for the sake our children; and if you continue to tolerate this, your children, children’s children will be next. Even pets have more empathy than that. Ditto.

Àrèmúorin is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. (C) 2022 Aremuorin All Rights Reserved


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