Racist White Men and their abusive White Privilege’s

So White Jesus came for me to lament about his ignorance and expose his agenda’s for colour people. Basically there will be white moles in our lives to tear us down if we don’t obey and be good slaves. In my head I prayed good luck with that.

I was amused enough to engage momentarily. At first, I thought silence was the best answer for a fool but changed my mind till I concluded.

Never stops to amaze me the innate ancestral psychological hatred for the black man by racist white supremacist’s.

One phrase springs to mind. Irrational Fear & Paranoia. It’s not rocket science. The cognitive dissonance is shocking.

It’s always about self preservation for them at the expence of other’s humanities and free will. Very evil ..’ – #In14Ways

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A day will come. The insidious, demonic antics of white supremacy ovetly, or covetly; will have no place to hide, or pretend.

Love will oust, and purge it out, of humanity for good; for everyone ..’ – #In14Ways

I give you #whiteprivilege racism. How many whites get told to leave Starbucks for tresspassing cuz they did not buy #coffee or used the rest room and got arrested? None ..’ – Aremuorin

Author: @Aremuorin

#Light #Love #Power

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