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So misused. I think we should re examine what humility really means. In my book it’s not a doormat, push over or low self esteem but inner stength and courage to fly with a vision in love. Fyi. Love is hard ..’

When you learn to have a great time with yourself everything else becomes easy. Not liking yourself is like a house without walls.

Come, wind, rain, shine or storm it will cave in. Why. Because it has no purpose. Now that’s what I call focus ..’

Some people just blow where the wind goes. When certain people can’t manipulate you anymore that’s when you get labelled – ‘Oh, You Are Not Humble’.

Singing live ..’

I don’t think humility saved Samson from the lions jaws ..’

Love is freewill. It will never manipulate others for self gain. Love humbles us freely to be just as we are without fear of intimidation or persecution.

That’s humility.

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What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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