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I find it strange when some consumers want a 7 star service when they have paid for a 1 star job. You expect bells and whistles, but you pay £100 yet want a £10, 000 pound service delivery. No maam / sir. It does work like that ..’ You pay for what you #get ..’ – #In14Ways

I’m a seasoned, super talented, multi award winning, professional artiste. I won, at least, 6 awards, this year alone, and turned down a few. My credits range from Obama to Macy Gray.

Media & Entertainment is my full time day job & career. I clock more than 75 hrs a week & do my fair share of media phillantrophy, giving back to the community plus it’s environs – internationally.

Therefore: Stop asking me to sing, or perform for you for free. Would you to go to train for your job, and put in 30 years of hard grafting work experience to be working for tea and coffee, or travel expenses?

Unless you are a nationally registered charity for a good, great cause; please oh, for the love of God, do not ask me again, to perform for you for free. It’s unprofessional & insulting.

We all have mortgages, rents and bills to pay. Winter, summer, or fall, bills, are to be paid. Studio time is not free, neither is my entertainment lawyer cheap.

It makes no difference who approached who first. It is just simply business. We are all selling our products and services, and they are not free. Otherwise, we won’t be trading, or still be in business. Enough already.

We all have our standards, and I have mine. 2020 vission in sight.

No more dross. If you can afford to pay for the finest clothes, shoes & handbags; curate budgets for food, fine wine & expensive liquor, use some of those funds to pay the professional videographers, photographers, sound engineers & entertainers who service your needs, for your events – too.

Some unprofessional people have been saying to me, directly, or indirectly, “Who am I, and why should I be paid?”.

Well, I put it to you, like this. Google me and find out what I have been doing for the past 30 years. You can also approach my approved, professional industry standard agents, past and present. Although, you may not. I know the cost of the oil in my Alabaster box ..’

I’m not vain, un-reasonable, delusional or fame-mongering. There are plethora quicker ways to be famous in the noughties. I am just simply passionate about my work and the people it effects. In between white supremacy & antquated cultural ignorances, we must all get along.

My post is not to offend anybody. That is the fact. Thank you. May love lead the way.

Although, you may not. I know the cost, of the oil, in my Alabaster box ..’

See you on top.


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