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Written by Aremuorin

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Written by Aremuorin

#Jesus said to them, “A #prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home .. ‘

Mark 6:4

A spiritual perspective: On – Mark 6:4:

Some of the things I gathered from the last decade are “Purpose”, “Self love”, “Patience”, “Time” and such. See, self love carries you through your first instincts.

When people can not manipulate you further, that is when you begin, to become, mis understood.

And that is okay, cuz ignorance, is bliss. Humans will do humans. For as long as the wisdom of love prevails, the edges of victory, are for-long, for told, in perfect sight.

Just like a little girl told me last summer, “Fish are not mean’t to climb trees”. I say to you – “Self love brings clarity”.

More than 20% of your so called faithfull friends will drift away from you slyfully with disloyalty. Make room for them and close the door behind #them ..’ – #In14Ways

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The psychology of “Domestic Abuse” stems from a sense of brokeness of a sense of “Self Worth”. Victims feel they deserve the abuse. However, self love brings clarity. Speak out. No! You don’t deserve any form of #abuse ..’ – #Aremuorin

Ruti had only one judge chair turn on the Voice UK and still won the whole show. Don’t be a people (pleaser) follower. Do you. Stay true. Self love is an incandescent light that ignites from within.

The vision is yours to behold not theirs.

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