I wish You Nothing But Karma

Written by Aremuorin

Aremuorin – https://Aremuorin.me

There is no Ogbanje Spirit bothering black folks.

When we fix these challenges, our energies will shift from all these fake gas lighting narcissists, gaslighting good people (No wonder why Jesus wept).

It is an amalgamation of some of these sorts, holding (humans) black folks back, in my own opinon ..’

1. Greed

2. Ignorance

3. Backstabbings

4. Unprofessionalism

5. Thieves, liars, selfishsness

6. Ego

7. And, Lovelessness

Unlike some other leaderships. I kid you not. Miseducation from ignorance will kill some Africans; solely, aside, from every other weapon formed against them, by the system.

Instead of trail-blazing unity, they choose inauthenticity, competion, irrational fear and greed. Although, some of us, are moving on with open arms of trusteeship; and a heart full of love: leading the way, all the #way ..’ – #In14Ways


Produced by Aremuorin

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