Turbulence: Hold the #forth ..’ – #In14Ways #Aremuorin #GodFirst #MercyfulGrace

Written by Aremuorin

Hello nice people. I kid you not. Miseducation from ignorance will kill the blackman** solely aside from every other weapon formed against him by the system.

Read this. Not every friend is your friend. Camouflage. #Realtalk ..’

Instead of unity, he chooses, inauthenticity, competion, irrational fear and greed. Although, some of us, are moving on with open arms; and a heart full of love – leading, the way ..’

Anyone close to you who does not want you to talk about God (sincerely) is a huge red flag. They are untrue & guilt convicted. Run.

The personification of Love* is God ..’ I am a Child of God. Back to sender with a bow of love whatever evil you conspire in your head.
Amen ..’

In these turbulent times of trials. Tribulations aren’t the end of existence. Hold the forth and dig deeper. You can, if you #try ..’ – #In14Ways

I hope your storm turns; into rain, and leaves you with peaceful showers. That, this very hour, your worries subside, and reside; in the grace of someones face like a loved, one, from a, very, distant-future past!

** A community of humans, race or Human nature personified.


Produced by Aremuorin
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