King to Every #Queen ..’ – #In14Ways #Love #Aremuorin #CovidVirus

Written by Aremuorin

Let the memories of the moon; reflect the sun. Here on. Unto hate, and bigotry. I am enough. Your day’s are numbered; as love is eternal. It has what money can’t buy ..’ – Aremuorin

Trust. Your days are predictably, dust. The tide of change has kept you lost. Never to relive the fool you have become. I am the King to every Queen. Carry #on ..’ – #In14Ways

Got no respect for inauthentic mofos.
Take it elsewhere. Never have. Never will. Of course, I know. That’s the best you can do. The best you can bring to the table. But, I still say, no! Why is my name even on your lips?

They can’t blame Covid-19 on the Lgbtqi unlike HIV, anymore. Everyone is vulnerable and a potential deadly carrier ..’ Ironic. Isn’t it.

I hope your storm turns into rain and leaves you with peaceful showers. That this very hour, your worries subside and reside in the grace of someones face like a loved one from a very distant future past!

Your wars are ways of your tom-foolery. When hate speaks the silence of love 💝 is overwhelming ..’ Thank You NeNe 🥰👏🏿👐🏿📸


Produced by Aremuorin
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