Testimony: How To Beat Covid The African #Way ..’ – #In14Ways #Covid19 #StayHome #Aremuorin

Written by Aremuorin

I said this earlier that Vitamin D deficiency is just an academic cover story for the mainstream media on the disproportionality of the Covid 19 effect on BAME communities ..’

Hear it from a living testifier. To define proximity will be like hauling the wind in it’s shadows; when it comes to time you have left to do what you have to do – because time, waits for, not even; anyone !!!

Those who love💕will love again. Those who hate🙅🏿‍♂️will hate again. 💕Stay prayed🙏🏿up💕.

No amount of Vit D will cure overcrowding and generational poverty, buttressed with prejudice; the mother of racism, systemically. I suffer no fools. Maybe you #do ..’ ✍🏿🙏🏿 – #In14Ways

To be un hinged is utter gratitude

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