‘Kiss Me Baby, live by Aremuorin feat. Bleed These #Colours ..’ – #In14Ways #AntiRacism #Aremuorin

‘Kiss Me Baby, live by Aremuorin feat. Bleed These #Colours ..’ – #In14Ways #AntiRacism #Aremuorin

Written by Aremuorin

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‘Kiss Me Baby’ live in collab with ‘Bleed These Colours’, a bi-racial artiste-producer, in an anti racism era, is a worthy time spent on raising awareness on anti-racism, in a world full of divisiveness. This song works well on guitar thou I wrote & arranged it on piano.

Kiss Me Baby is a cathartic layered song; softenining the volatile tone on civil rights actions of restoration and not condemnation told in a creative way, through the familiar universal language of love.

It sits well in inclusion narratives figuratively for most of our humanities from racism, to colourism, captalism, agesm, anti-semantism and etc.

Love conquers all essentially in an ideal world. Naturally, everybody needs mercy and wants to be loved ..’

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Produced by Aremuorin

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