Am bouncing deliciously and I’m sweet!

The blessings of God never seems to cease to abound even in the darkest hour. So firmly where the need is still, he’ll shower abundances over you and I.
And who are they to judge, aside, their wicked ways, their hearts fool him not. These words came to me. 

Love is my meditation. Hope is my ratification. Peace is my concentration and Life my proclamation. Living, my affirmation.

My brother sent me a message last night that my mum was not well. So I came and played her various Gospel songs and She started singing them and her soul became free-er. I even played her some gospel/inspirational songs I wrote – which she liked as well. 

She asked if we sang the one of mine in church. I said no – it’s just my composition. She said is it recorded yet on dvd – I said no. But I will :: I guess – that says its all. 

The devil is a Liar and always has been :: I’m thankful – as I’m moving closer to my destination and purpose in Life :: in all the beautiful glorious gifts I’ve been given – to share.

God Is the REASON WHY my SOUL is Free .. If anybody asked you why?

By Aremuorin 

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Happy New Year :: to You – I Hope You Celebrate!

I AM BLESSED POST CHRISTMAS – SO IS MY MOTHER, FATHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, FRIENDS, FOES; NEAR OR FAR :: I wish you all a pleaded one. Hope you had a merry merry Xmas & to a Happy New Year.
The Love of God has given me Freedom – to say what’s on my mind …’ Merry Christmas to you all.  Have a booty full festive one. Merry Merry! :: 
Can’t wait to see all my friends and family again over the festive period! Much Love* – God is Amazing. God is Wonderful. And above all, God is Mercyful. I’d be a fool if I confessed otherwise. 
Cuz I know the trials he has brought me through, to, and from. In the final hours of 2013. He has revealed more of myself and my purpose to me. More than I’ve ever imagined or fathomed. 

By process of elimination – he has revealed things, folks and places, to me – that I don’t need in my life; because – I have everything I need in him. 

You don’t need a demon – to tell it to you :: To know it :: Love frees me inside; and this I find abundantly, in knowing God and excercising my faith by hearing his word – daily!
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path’. Psalm 119:105

‘How long shall they kill our prophets ..’ – Bob Marley (Redemption Song) :: 

May God continue to shine his genuine light on us and remove us from the path of fake friends and jealous spirits. It’s the warnings of the spirit laid upon me this season. Especially – on jealous spirits! :: 
We wrestle not against flesh and blood – but against principalities and powers that rule – in high, dark – places. That’s why Jesus was born – and the reason why we celebrate him today. 
He is our salvation – the source to our goodness in redemption from the hopelessness, that otherwise – might have been. The more we draw closer – the more the enemy raises its ugly head, with lies, deceit, confusion, manipulation and sorts.
The blood of Jesus and his life was a beautiful sacrifice in lieu. Amen 
Happy NY