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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts :: 


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Who you fall in love with – You Can’t Choose! :: By Àrèmúorin :: Aremuorin.com

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‘Kiss Me Baby – Reloaded’

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You can’t choose who you fall in love with ..’

So quit complaining and do something about it.


I sit here reminiscing my first crush, the blood rush, the thoughts at night,  singing love songs and listening to love songs, only to realise; this love was forever going to be unrequited. So, I made sense, and made no pretence by opening up to the one, I was developing these feelings for. Frankly told them, ‘That tomorrow may never come, so I will live today’.

Cupid wasn’t throwing any arrows; but at least I held my heart out without my hands. How many times have you seen, or thought you’ve seen the one,  on the train, in the subway, on a plane, in a library, at school or at home. Love is hard – but it would not be worth a dime – if it was so darn, easy to find. Okay that part is arguable.


You have to live for something. If you don’t stand for something, you’d stand for anything. Love is freedom. In it you can be. Trying to avoid kelshay’s here.


Always told, throughout history that it’s gotta be smart not always from your achy break fragile heart. This I agree; but can you really be the boss of Love*. Diana Ross knows all about it, that Love, is the Boss. Whitney saved hers for a married man. I was shocked when I finally, learned the song plot was about infidelity – ‘Saving All My Love For You’. As a child, I was left a little disappointed to say the least. Ultimately, you can’t choose who you fall in love with. Cher wished she could turn back time and sure, you can’t always get what you want – says it finitely, for me – like the Rolling Stone’s.


Love is truly a fool that will never admit! So, to the love, that I will always adore. The one, near or far, with a heart full of soul, where your’s is placed rightly – bright. When ever you call, I’ll always be a breath away. Your love eternal, is love forever mine.

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Love always survives ..’ Will always cherish, knowing you, having your friendship to love and to hold. And to ‘The One’, I wrote these next (few) lines, to, excuse the pun if they are not fun anymore, if you are no longer the one ::

Fell for You

I fell for you and maybe I still do.

You make me feel again
You make me real again
To show, to love my friend
To owe, a love my friend
The pleasure of years my dear
A measure of years I fear
You broke loose those reasons
Through your time arose seasons
What to do, to you, do you want me to
I could be blue for you
I would be true to you
I still fell for you, maybe I still do.
It’s too late, to unsay that I love you
I know your heart belongs to him
It’s a song I’ve heard you sing
My mirrors are emotions on the wall
Far from graces sworn I might fall
What do you want me to do
I could be blue for you
I should be true to you
My will fell for you lately true through.
Is it too late to unsay that I love you too

©2014 Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest
All Rights Reserved

Happy New Year :: to You – I Hope You Celebrate!

I AM BLESSED POST CHRISTMAS – SO IS MY MOTHER, FATHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, FRIENDS, FOES; NEAR OR FAR :: I wish you all a pleaded one. Hope you had a merry merry Xmas & to a Happy New Year.
The Love of God has given me Freedom – to say what’s on my mind …’ Merry Christmas to you all.  Have a booty full festive one. Merry Merry! :: 
Can’t wait to see all my friends and family again over the festive period! Much Love* – God is Amazing. God is Wonderful. And above all, God is Mercyful. I’d be a fool if I confessed otherwise. 
Cuz I know the trials he has brought me through, to, and from. In the final hours of 2013. He has revealed more of myself and my purpose to me. More than I’ve ever imagined or fathomed. 

By process of elimination – he has revealed things, folks and places, to me – that I don’t need in my life; because – I have everything I need in him. 

You don’t need a demon – to tell it to you :: To know it :: Love frees me inside; and this I find abundantly, in knowing God and excercising my faith by hearing his word – daily!
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path’. Psalm 119:105

‘How long shall they kill our prophets ..’ – Bob Marley (Redemption Song) :: 

May God continue to shine his genuine light on us and remove us from the path of fake friends and jealous spirits. It’s the warnings of the spirit laid upon me this season. Especially – on jealous spirits! :: 
We wrestle not against flesh and blood – but against principalities and powers that rule – in high, dark – places. That’s why Jesus was born – and the reason why we celebrate him today. 
He is our salvation – the source to our goodness in redemption from the hopelessness, that otherwise – might have been. The more we draw closer – the more the enemy raises its ugly head, with lies, deceit, confusion, manipulation and sorts.
The blood of Jesus and his life was a beautiful sacrifice in lieu. Amen 
Happy NY

RIP MANDELA – What A Great Man :: Indeed

For your true greatness – has enshrined the whole of humanity with a unique quality you’ve endowed us with. The power to forgive and move on with our lives without bitterness and regrets.

Today, on your untimely, departure – I FORGAVE someone who WRONGED ME, without cause, for A Long time, WHO gave everyone the IMPRESSION, they were my FRIEND!

My faith teaches & gives me great comforting – knowing, that, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! They want us confused, dis empowered, and despondent – but oh no, we won’t.


We are warriors and victorious for his Name’s SAKE. Love PAID IT ALL. Let no wicked smiling demons – with ugly hidden hearts – lay claim on TO our (Souls), blessings, for their envy or pride – won’t do it either! Where :: Beauty fades just like the ugliness of a beautiful smile!

God Is Love, and, has us bound – in his promises – freed from the chains of Lucifers; deception and cunning agendas – night and day. I pray for forgiveness – that you let it go. Hallelujah! 

RIP – Nelson Mandela. You truly taught us the POWER OF FORGIVENESS! Or why would we hold on to their wickedness. It doesn’t belong to us. It’s theirs and their issues.