On #LiamNeeson: How does it #feel? – #In14Ways #Aremuorin

Racism is a business. Just like religion is to White Jesus. ‘Taken’ is back on Tv heavy rotation; it appears. Liam Neeson is laughing all the way to the bank.

Blacks were rapped, mutilated, murdered, displaced, continentally and indignified for four centuries; even by the ‘Church of England’ – proliferating from ‘Slave Money’ in the name of ‘White Jesus’ called reparations.

The very reparations that excluded black people globally from their own misfortunes handed to them by ‘White Jesus & Co’. I hate humans cognitive dissonance.

But someone close to him was rapped by a black man and suddenly he has a heart. A moment of retribution on the next innocent black man.

He is still laughing. His new movie out took £10 million at the box office.

Are you and I any #wiser? – #In14Ways


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“There is nothing above love”.

By Aremuorin

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