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Written by Mary Canty Merrill

I cannot endure yet another round of planned cross-country racial justice protests. Black folks have protested for years, and here we are in 21st century U.S.A. still protesting and still being slaughtered like animals.

NOTHING will change until white supremacist systems are dismantled. Yet, we already know the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. There is no safety for Black people on these shores.

1. Lincoln believed white people were the superior race.

2. Gandhi hated black Africans. 3. The CIA introduced crack/cocaine into inner-cities across the U.S.

4. The FBI actively sabotaged and dismantled the Black Power Movement, the American Indian Movement, and the Chicano Movement but the KKK is still alive and well today.

5. The father of modern gynecology (James Marion Sims) experimented and tortured black women during slavery for his findings.

6. In 1999 a jury found that Loyd Jowers had participated in a conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King Jr., and that “governmental agencies” (namely the FBI and military) were party to the conspiracy.

7. In the Tuskegee experiments, the U.S. gave STDs and other diseases, including syphilis, to unknowing black men.

8. Japan was already in line to surrender when the U.S. bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

9.The US created the Taliban to oppose the Soviet Union.

10. Native Americans had to register to become American.

11. Black Panthers once watched over the police to prevent unjust arrests and beatings.

12. Native American children were forcibly taken from their parents and enrolled in government run “boarding schools” which stripped them of their culture by shaving their hair and virtually whitewashing them. The government also used the children as a tool of leverage against their parents.

13. Black people were in zoos.

14. Gay white plantation owners used to rape the slave men in front of the slave’s wives, children, and friends. They used this method to deter the slaves from revolting or any other unwanted acts.

15. Plantation owner would make a “deal” with the hardest working male slave to bore a set amount of children and he will be set free. Creating the stereotype of black men leaving and abandoning their children.

16. Harriet Tubman’s first husband, a freed man, tried to discourage Harriet’s mission to free as many slaves as she could by threatening to turn her over.

17. The U.S. has been responsible for almost every major conflict of the last one hundred years and interfered in the others almost always for drugs or oil.

Listen to this heart felt White Womans Perspective and her call to action ..’

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