Spread love not xenophobia

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I was asked why BBC is not reporting extensively on the SA vs Nigeria Xenophobia crisis. Isn’t it obvious? Racism is big business.
I just covered it on my blog and it was suppressed as they (Powers that be) always do when the narrative does not appeal to the status quo agenda of whitesupremacy beneficiaries.
My blog is not add supported. It’s free. I don’t make money from my blogs. It’s a pure Labour of LOVE and catharsism.
Here is the receipt. The post had videos and real dialogues on the crisis by real people but wordpress limited its visibility so it will be ignored or overlooked.

As can you can see it says – READ MORE OF THIS POST.

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This is a screen shot of how this blog post came out on Google 🙄

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BBC News – South Africa: How common are xenophobic attacks?

BBC News – Letter from Africa: Nigerian anger over South African xenophobia

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RIP MANDELA – What A Great Man :: Indeed

For your true greatness – has enshrined the whole of humanity with a unique quality you’ve endowed us with. The power to forgive and move on with our lives without bitterness and regrets.

Today, on your untimely, departure – I FORGAVE someone who WRONGED ME, without cause, for A Long time, WHO gave everyone the IMPRESSION, they were my FRIEND!

My faith teaches & gives me great comforting – knowing, that, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! They want us confused, dis empowered, and despondent – but oh no, we won’t.


We are warriors and victorious for his Name’s SAKE. Love PAID IT ALL. Let no wicked smiling demons – with ugly hidden hearts – lay claim on TO our (Souls), blessings, for their envy or pride – won’t do it either! Where :: Beauty fades just like the ugliness of a beautiful smile!

God Is Love, and, has us bound – in his promises – freed from the chains of Lucifers; deception and cunning agendas – night and day. I pray for forgiveness – that you let it go. Hallelujah! 

RIP – Nelson Mandela. You truly taught us the POWER OF FORGIVENESS! Or why would we hold on to their wickedness. It doesn’t belong to us. It’s theirs and their issues.