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If you can make people gay, then you can make them straight. Except that it has never really happened in truth. Keep me out of the rest of the ambiguity.

This is why I am interested in the #lgbtqia movement because there is more to human sexuality, than being labled gay or straight.

It is not simply black or white. There’s a whole lot of grey in between like the colours of the rainbow making up pure white light ..’ Illusions all the way deep into the amazon forests, and from hollywood into the church.

Rather, than black people, inparticularly, been led by irrational emotions, dogmatically; from bad and antiquated religious belief systems like ‘white jesus’ that are heretical and contradictory, in real life sensibilties, get accustomed to the science behind human sexuality.

People are born the way they are ..’ Unless you want to make a slave out of anyone, humans are pre dispositioned. Humans can also be very, very hypocritical.

This facsinates me. It reminds me of the homo-social relationship between ‘Jonathan & David’ as recorded in the Bible. Some of you are not woke enough yet. Too busy praying to white jesus.

Vibes don’t lie. That’s why it is said,  Love is love, and love is freewill. Thank God for grace through one Holy Sacrifice called “Emmanuel”.

Real men are not toxic with their masculinity or intimidated by any #lgbtqia community unless they are on the #downlow which will explain (Homophobia) a lot. Real men can be homo-social and still be proud of their sexual prowess. It is just human #nature ..’

I never imagined I will become an lgbtqia advocate. It came out of realisation and a necessity when I observed a double standard in comparision with heterosexual norms of moral behaviour.

Naturally, I challenged the logic as any one would when something does not make sense. I, as a ‘Tom Girl’, see the double standards. I’m sure you do too. I talked more about it, casually; live on facebook – here.

This post is to highlight the particular prejudices against the lgbtqia community from ignorant people.
For more help with this topic and for more advise try visiting the healthline website.

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