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Written by Aremuorin

If you can make people gay, then you can make them straight. Except that it has never really happened in truth. Keep me out of the rest of the ambiguity.

This is why I am interested in the #lgbtqia movement because there is more to human sexuality, than being labled gay or straight.

It is not simply black or white. There’s a whole lot of grey in between like the colours of the rainbow making up pure white light ..’ Illusions all the way deep into the amazon forests, and from hollywood into the church.

Rather, than black people, inparticularly, been led by irrational emotions, dogmatically; from bad and antiquated religious belief systems like ‘white jesus’ that are heretical and contradictory, in real life sensibilties, get accustomed to the science behind human sexuality.

People are born the way they are ..’ Unless you want to make a slave out of anyone, humans are pre dispositioned. Humans can also be very, very hypocritical.

This facsinates me. It reminds me of the homo-social relationship between ‘Jonathan & David’ as recorded in the Bible. Some of you are not woke enough yet. Too busy praying to white jesus.

Vibes don’t lie. That’s why it is said,  Love is love, and love is freewill. Thank God for grace through one Holy Sacrifice called “Emmanuel”.

Real men are not toxic with their masculinity or intimidated by any #lgbtqia community unless they are on the #downlow which will explain (Homophobia) a lot. Real men can be homo-social and still be proud of their sexual prowess. It is just human #nature ..’

I never imagined I will become an lgbtqia advocate. It came out of realisation and a necessity when I observed a double standard in comparision with heterosexual norms of moral behaviour.

Naturally, I challenged the logic as any one would when something does not make sense. I, as a ‘Tom Girl’, see the double standards. I’m sure you do too. I talked more about it, casually; live on facebook – here.

This post is to highlight the particular prejudices against the lgbtqia community from ignorant people.
For more help with this topic and for more advise try visiting the healthline website.

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#Rise: #BAME. We Know – #MercyfulGrace #In14ways

Sleepy eyes rosie days; finite price, rise into the dream land where heavy burdens are laid to rest, with new dawn praise, awaiting a sunrise after the #moon ..’ – Aremuorin

Single stories about gender fluidity in the black community especially.

I’ve had religious and academic views which aren’t based on real case studies or documented evidence.

It may be a hard one to prove; however, there is enough evidence to gather to make inferences that we don’t know as much as we think we do when it comes to human orientation and their behaviour over time.

I heard a testimony yesterday; similar to my early childhood. We never met before and are not even off the same race.

We grew up in different parts of the world, uninfluenced by social conditions often antagonists like to crucify sexual orientation on.

Human behaviour is more complex and diverse. Even twins are not the same. They are just similar.

Just like Africans used to kill twins; in #Nigeria, cuz they thought they were evil and how some still ask Mary mother of White Jesus to pray for them.

Nigeria is one of the most hypocritical countries in the world on human rights where they criminalize the consenting; adult, lgbtq+; but legally marry off a 9yr old girl, without her consent.

Reminds me of my horror stories of that country as a child.

We need to be critical of what we think we know and are taught as the norm in our #communities ..’ – #In14ways


I’m not an old fashioned African man. I’d like to think of myself as the epitomy of a modern African man. Too woke for that ..’

If Prince could wear eyeliner and high heals, James Brown (The God Father of Soul) could perm his hair and Terrence Trent D’arby could braid his hair; then, I think I will be just fine, as an artiste and a black man.

That’s why I don’t like labels and if anyone should; it’s not your place, or my place to do that. Let the subject do it in their own good time.

Sometimes, people twist my narratives to suite their ignorances. So I walk away. Two wrongs won’t make it right ..’

I’m gonna say it again louder & prouder. Straight men aren’t homophobes. Homophobes are closeted conflicted gays self-projecting from self hate.

Jesus’s best friend was a whore. Process that ..’

Jesus is my truest best friend. I always knew. I just never said it out loud. Now. I can’t wait to tell the whole world ..’

I’m a Tom- Girl and I, own it.

I’ll could probably make millions as a professional female impersonator: (Little Britain, Rupaul etc) inspiring women,

all over the world, who have lost their confidence, and be their superhero 💖. Well, a mother; or mother figure is irreplaceable but I hope you get what I mean in an entertainment sense.

Especially for other shut down Tom-Girls irregardless of their ethnicity or belief systems, including the Lgbtqi+ community; and victims, or survivors of ignorance.

Now, that’s what ‘Love Would Do’. Not, judge, or hate; because we don’t understand and never try!

By Aremuorin

#Lght #Love #Power
#Aremuorin #LoveIsLove

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2018 Anthony Everest. All Rights Reserved

Oh oh. Would you?

For some weird reason I do like the look. African men wear versions of this without the lycra and paint their faces doing tribal dances. So what’s the difference? They make theirs out of leaves or straws usually.

Fashion: Men in skirts ..’ –

I thought you said African men don’t wear #skirts? I refuse to be ignorant of my power as a strong & gifted melanated black man.

I covered this storyline 2 years ago and some black people where raising eyebrows and flaring their nostrils. Nothing’s changed.

I ask again. Why are black people always the last to #know? – #In14Way

Black people have influenced everything that’s ever existed; now, unto infinity. From culture to religion, or sociology, to politics. If your friends aren’t telling you the truth they are not your true #friends ..’

Aremuorin - Colonisation .jpg

Damien Hirst faltered; miserably, trying to appropriate African art recently in Vienna. He got savaged by the media and its original authors and owners online worldwide when he attempted to take credit for Nigerian indigenous art from the Yoruba tribe. Epic fail.

African dynasty is the hub of civilisation (Eve Gene). From Zulu warriors to Egyptian dynasties and science. Talk about even appropriating classical instruments like the piano and harp that became westernized originating from Africa. Yes. Africa is the source. The hub. We were before the interference, politics, slavery and corruption ..’

Dancing around fires doing citations. Cultural appropriation to a ‘T’. Plus the dude has swag for days. Props to him.

My point exactly

And more so


African warriors in skirts


Even so

Now cool like beckams

What’s your take

Even celebrities

Now fashion talks

It’s interesting what you find when you get your head out of culture and religion that are bias as fcuk. I call it hypocrisy. There’s hardly anything that’s not been done reincarnating ..’ I think I am going to rock one of these one summer.

Some days I wish I wasn’t a black man. Everything about it says I am not your average black man. It’s time I embrace every uniqueness about me in all its regality and glory. I feel no different to those who bleach their skin or straighten their hair.

Thou, those are extreme ends of the spectrum and dialogue. I feel I have found the right to bleach my mind free of every negative dogma killing my kind.

Aremuorin –

The #blackrace is not #ready to be free. They #love mental #slavery. That’s why they self hate their own ..’

Can I be Me by Nick Bloomfield is released on the 16th of June 2017.

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By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2017 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

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