I am black and proud 

​I am black 🔲 and I am proud. Unapologetic for it now, or never. Any philosophy, or not, construing other wise, is not my ideal, nor my point of refs. I am a black man 👲until, now and forever, without end, unapologetically ..’
Proud of my faith, culture, orientation and own loved, choices, free willingly. I choose to be happy 😄. 

Free from slavery of any kind, now, or ever, invented. Hatred could never hold me, cuz I am fire and a burning flame, all in one. You touch me, you scorch. Love 🏩 Is my boss.

You wish I had no clue or intentions to live. Cuz you thought I would die with all that hate inside you tried to poison me with and hide. Oh no ⛔ it won’t. I’m amazing and an amazing blaze. 

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See; I have realized. I wasn’t dreaming. I am real. A light 💡in the deep of darkness still shinning bright ..’ 

Shinning for days and night 🌃. I am black and I am proud ..’

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When GOD raises a dead cause in our lives, he speaks to it. He spoke life into Lazarus. He commanded him to come out of the GRAVE – even BOUND (with death robes) ..’ 

So speak life into your atmosphere, situations and problems ..’ Sometimes you need to speak out 😝 ..’ We have the power through Christ Jesus ..’ Believe!
#MercyfulGrace #Faith #GodFirst
This is why I del and block negative ❎people 👫 simply. If I won’t allow anyone to put their hands on me, why would I let them put their toxic mouth 😸 on me ..’ 
The former is physical. The latter is spiritual ..’
#MercyfulGrace #Negative #Talk

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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‘Racism’ – What Would You Do

What would you do? I was in Knightsbridge, last week, at the bar with 2 white musicians, colleagues – saying hello to them …

Then, a white waitress wanted to walk pass-through us. What does she do? She puts her hand on my shoulder and pushes me out of the way, without a word, or looking back – as she made her way through.

Now – Do I kick up a storm, complain or retaliate. The funny part is, it was like a dream, that I even asked the friends with me, – did she she just push me out of the way. They just stood their looking at each other – motionless.

I used the term friends loosely, politely – as they are more colleagues than friends. If – they were genuinely, my friends (as it’s transpired), they would have done something. So, they are the least of my concerns. I’m pretty sure their version will be ‘I saw nothing’, politely. I’m more concerned with how to defend myself, or confront this ugly issue in future, because it is going to happen again – to someone, somewhere, who is of an ethnic minority origin. Especially, when in an organisation run by non-ethnic minors. This really breaks my heart – for real!

Actually, it gets better – as she walked away, she left her hands on my shoulder – until she was out of reach. My instinctive, bewildered reaction was, asking the guys with me – ‘Did she just …’. Then, I said to them – ‘Rude – How Rude’, until it faded on my lips. Till now, I’m still baffled. Who put that sh*t in her head – in 2015. When we talk of institutional racism – bigotry is deep! …’ I would never do that to anyone, in spite of their race or gender ..’ My DNA won’t champion bigotry.

Desperately wanted to say something, at least to the manager – but I kid you not, it was, and is, still a part shock, suprise and day dream. So, I was torn between the 3. Like – Really! I recall, taking a good look at her a few times throughout the evening, almost wanting to burst out with the wrong things to say to her – even thou they felt so right at the time, but resisted. Would like to think, I know better than that – to be caught up. Mercy! Racism is easy. No is all we need to say. Happy New Year – Everyone!


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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts :: 

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